IoT-based Startup HexOctane Is In Talks To Raises Funds From Emergent Ventures


Internet of Things startup, HexOctane is in early talks to raise around $2 million in a round led by San Francisco-based venture capital firm Emergent Ventures.

HexOctane was founded in 2015 by Jhenkar Dixit. The company provides navigation and gamification services through smartphones to users attending live events.

The HexOctane Cloud service allows users to manage their beacons. The cloud service is built in such a way that it caters to the needs of all users whether it be creating small demos or running large scale campaigns with advanced analytics.

The user can pick and choose the services they need to customize the cloud service thus enabling you to evolve with the services as you go. The company also provide the managed cloud services thus taking care of your proximity projects end to end. Proximity technology can be integrated into existing Android and iOS apps and users can access the features just as an app update.

The company provides both IOS and Android SDKs which can be used by users to build apps ground up or integrate into their existing apps. Once integrated, the apps work seamlessly with the HexOctane beacons. HexOctane also provides all the required support to developers and in addition can also support users to create campaigns without having to write any code.

The startup is expected to deploy the funds towards product upgradation and business development. The company’s client list includes the Indian Premier League, the Indian Super League, and the Kabbadi World Cup, amongst others.

Emergent Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in IT, particularly enterprise tech such as IT infrastructure, data management, security and business applications, information on the VC firm’s website shows. The company backs startups in Silicon Valley and India and invests from the seed stage till the Series A round.