The career guidance portals broaden learners’ awareness of career options and ensure that they know about the various post-school study, financial aid, leadership and work opportunities available and understand how to access them. Through the Career Guidance, learners begin to plan for their post-school lives.

The Career Guidance program helps learners to make informed decisions about their futures. One such Career Guiding Firm in India is Lodestar. It primarily focuses on class 10 students and is claimed to be India’s first scientific career guidance program. The program helps parents and children make a “smart” career decision in a simple and easy way by using accurate data, highly evolved scientific decision-making tools.

About Lodestar

Headquartered in Bangalore, Lodestar means the “guiding star” and the company lives up to the name by doing a great job at guiding students. It was founded by education entrepreneurs and professionals Murlidhar S. and Subodh Jindal in February 2015. They have more than 50 years of combined experience in running large institutions such as Manipal Education, MeritTrac, and Pearson.

Murlidhar was the Co-Founder and CEO of MeritTrac which was claimed as India’s largest skills assessment company. He has had successful stints with companies like L&T, Asian Paints, and 3M.

Subodh Jindal was the former Managing Director at Stanley Black & Decker (India). He was also Executive Director at 3M. Subodh has built, scaled, and launched many successful businesses/ brands over the last 20 years in Consumer, Automotive, and Industrial domains. He is also certified Six Sigma Black Belt.

The company has built an advanced Career Guidance Engine which uses a combination of Data + Proprietary Decision Algorithms to create personalized and unique career and education paths for high school students.The algorithms in this go way beyond simple Psychometric & Aptitude tests. They link more than 70-100 parameters for each student to help them make many decisions like Career, Stream, Elective, Exams, Courses, Tutorials. Colleges etc.

The algorithms in this go way beyond simple Psychometric & Aptitude tests. They link more than 70-100 parameters for each student to help them make many decisions like Career, Stream, Elective, Exams, Courses, Tutorials. Colleges etc.

How The Company Works

Explaining the working behind the portal, Murlidhar said:

Lodestar has built India’s first intelligent decision engine for career planning. This piece of technology matches student’s interests and strengths to careers. This engine also links careers to relevant education paths, exams, special courses, and tutorials.

The firm uses the psychometric test based on the Holland Codes Model to help students find their choice. It ends the confusion of different career options and helps students discover true career paths in 3 easy steps.

The company uses researched information, authentic data, and advanced decision methodologies to enable parents to make smart career decisions for their children.

In a span of two years, Lodestar claims to have made as many as 20,000 students aware about career choices.

The 3-Step Strategy

  1. Discover: In the first session, the company conducts a test in order to analyses the strengths and interests of the students. Then the company gives the student a handsome amount of career options covering the whole sphere of jobs in the world. This includes nearly 250+ careers options.
  2. Determine: In the second session, the education path of the student is decided and the corresponding exams that student needs to give are analyzed. Then the institutes which offer the course are listed for the student.
  3. Decide: In the last session, the career is decided by the firm which is determined by the previously held session. Here, along with the career, different streams, electives, and disciplines that are in the career are also listed for the students so that he can have a all round view of the career. Moreover, the colleges providing that particular course are also provided by the company.


When we asked about the company’s focus on career choice of students, especially after the 10th standard, he said:

World today is very competitive and if you need to succeed in this competitive world, then you have to study the right course from the right institute. To get to the right institute, you have to know all about it well in advance, and you also need to know if there is an entrance exam for it, extra.

He further added that,

For many of this courses that people want to get into, the exams are immediately after 12th. So, if you do not know the information well in advance, then how will you be able to prepare for it. Also, 10th standard is the time when the most students makes their first important decision which is which stream they’ll want to be in. And, if you do not make that decision properly, then it doesn’t work out. Hence a comprehensive planning in 10th itself is very important.

Mobile App of Lodestar

This app will enable parents to discover a world of jobs, read expert interviews on unique careers, get useful tips to plan the true career path for their child in class 10, take an interesting quiz to test your career quotient and see how well you understand your child’s interests and more.


  • Career Suggestor: Select the fields of your interest/hobby and select the fields of your curriculum and get a list of appropriate careers you can pursue.
  • Polls: Get a career based question once a week. Answer the question to know more about the career and its visibility.
  • Now, more importantly, get points by doing certain activities within the app and wait for amazing goodies from the lodestar team!! Have fun to explore!!
The program conducted by the firm offers exposure to over 250 exciting career options, expert guidance by trained specialists, and individual attention to each child, and a complete final career plan at the end of the program.

GICC by Lodestar

The Great Indian Career Challenge (GICC), India’s first Career Quiz for high school children, conducted by Lodestar every year in the city of Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Recently, on Jan 22nd, 2017 its grand finale of its first edition in Hyderabad at Sri Satya Sai Nigamagamam. In the challenge, about 700 students, teachers, and parents from all over Hyderabad participated.

Jindal said:

Interestingly, a school with children with special ability were among the semi-finalists. This shows that even they have potential and are capable of choosing from the variety of career choices that are offered.

Murlidhar S, Founder, and CEO of Lodestar said:

Through this quiz, we aim to reach out to the common people and make them aware about the existing career opportunities a child can choose. We are tremendously happy about the success in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai and we plan to reach out to other cities, shortly.

The quiz aims to break down traditional barriers and mind sets one comes across while choosing a career.

Subodh Jindal, Co-founder & COO, Lodestar, said:

When the students answer the detailed test, we analyse their right mix of passion, interest and ability to lay down 20-25 apt career options to choose from. We call this the discovery step.

To gap the bridge between what students want and how they can achieve it, Lodestar provides information and understanding to not only students of the 10th grade but also their parents.

He further added that:

There are often conflicts between what the children want to do and what their parents want them to do. In such cases, we expose the parents to every details about the career their child has been analysed to suit to.

LEAP – An Internship Program

LEAP – Lodestar Executive Apprenticeship Program is the company’s flagship internship program. This is designed to encourage ambitious, aspiring young leaders to join the mission to connect students to their passion.

The idea was put in operation from last year and received a success. From positive results of the previous year, this year also LEAP was conducted. This year, the company is expanding the program to more institutes.

The company provides internship to the interested students after a series of Test, Group Discussion, and Interview. Selected candidates are given live outcome driven projects which will be directly be implemented by the company.

The duration of the internship ranges from 3 months to 6 months. The candidate gets the stipend of ₹10,000 – ₹20,000 per month – based on role specifics. Along with that, certificates and letter of appreciations are provided. Candidate may also get Pre-Placement Offer (PPO).

Future Vision

Lodestar’s vision is to be India’s largest and most comprehensive Career Guidance Services by helping millions of students and their parents in choosing their true career and hence helping society at large, in creating more successful and happier professionals across all walks of life.

They aim to do this through single minded focus on customers and their needs and providing them with intelligent, smart, easy to use solutions leveraging technology.

The company will soon be launching its scientific career counselling for students of 12th grade. This career counselor has also planned to expand its services to other cities in the South, including Chennai, Hyderabad and Coimbatore.