Copyright Platform Binded launches One Click U.S. Copyright Office Registrations


The copyright platform, Binded, has launched of One Click U.S. Copyright Office Registrations.

Earlier, the company claims that it required a significant amount of time and money to register image copyrights with the U.S. Copyright Office (USCO). Creators usually had to resort to paying lawyers or websites like LegalZoom $150 to over $1000 just to help fill out some forms.

With the technology built by the company, photographers, artists, and designers can
register their images with just one click on the company’s website. And the service is provided at cost. The simple meaning of this is that the creator only pays their USCO fees. The company doesn’t profit from the registration.

Generally, the USCO fee ranges from $35 for a single image to $55 for a batch of images. There are no limits on how many images can be included.

Binded is a technology company which focuses on developing a copyright platform. The company makes it easy for creators to protect their images, for free. The company’s mission is to make creativity the world’s most valuable asset. The company is claimed to be world’s first copyright platform.

On the launch, Nathan Lands, CEO & Co-founder of Binded, said:

This is a great step towards Binded delivering on our promise to make copyright simple.

He further added that,

Creators will continue to make their copyright registrations for free on the bitcoin blockchain. But, if they want the extra protection that a U.S. Copyright Registration provides, they can now easily do that too using Binded. We’ve made copyright registrations simpler than ever before.

The aim of the company is to make it possible to link every creative tool to enable seamless copyright registrations at the time of creation. The company is also developing copyright monitoring technology which identifies possible copyright infringements. The feature is currently in public beta.

The process managed by the company is as follows: Once the creator’s credit card has been charged, the company put’s the images into a queue to be filed with the USCO. Once completed, the creator gets a receipt and a confirmation record which is important legally. From the company’s portal, they can see the status of their USCO applications, which generally take 6-8 months. At which time, if approved, the creator will receive an official certificate from the USCO.

The long-term company hopes to make copyright registrations on the blockchain a standard accepted worldwide. However, for now there’s limited precedent for the blockchain being used in court. That’s why the company is supporting USCO registrations for the extra legal protection it provides. For example, USCO registered images may be eligible for
statutory damages and attorney’s fees in successful litigation.

Since launching in May 2017, creators of the company claims to have registered over 330,000 copyrights. Recently, the company raised $950K which brought the total funding for the company to $1.5 million.